Protect your Office 365 environment with Avanan's Next Generation security solution.

Avanan provides advanced protection for Office 365, Google Apps, Slack, Dropbox and more...
Steps to recover from a n Office 365 hack
Avanan is a remarkable product revolutionising the way to secure Office 365. It employs cutting-edge cloud based technology to enhance the security of your Email, Share Point, One Drive and your Microsoft Teams environment.
From advanced threat protection to data loss prevention, Avanan ensures that your sensitive information is secure and protected from cyber threats.
But, more importantly, Avanan picks up what the Office 365 security engines miss. It fills the gap and adds an additional layer of protection that absolutely need.
Avanan's affordable price and advanced technology make it a must-have addition for your Office 365 security. Don't miss out on its numerous benefits!

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The Best Way to Protect your Office 365 environment from Malware, Spam, Phishing and more .. Avanan is the latest cutting edge Office 365 protection suite with five separate protection engines built in.


  • Zero-day protection
  • Secure all email – incoming, outgoing and internal
  • Advanced AI-based anti-phishing
  • Anti-spam filtering
  • Known malware prevention (Antivirus)
  • File sanitisation (CDR)
  • Malicious URL protection (URL Reputation)
  • URL click-time protection (URL Rewriting)
  • Protection from zero-day malicious URLs (URL Sandboxing)
  • Account takeover prevention (Anomalies)
  • Unauthorised applications detections (Shadow IT)
  • In-line scanning
  • Intra-domain/internal scanning
  • Malware sandboxing
  • Breach detection
  • Domain spoofing protection
  • Brand spoofing protection
  • HTML sanitisation
  • Historical scanning
  • User education
  • Phishing reporting add-on
  • Customisable notifications for end-users

The things you need to know.

  • Pricing is for all licensed users within your Office 365 tenancy
  • Pricing is exclusive of GST or TAX
  • A setup fee is required should you wish to continue past the trial
  • A technician will reach out to you for the installation and to answer any questions you have.