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Maximising Office 365 Security: Layer up and leverage Avanan, Purview, and DLP for better protection

A layered security strategy using tools like Avanan, robust policies, Microsoft Purview, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and other Microsoft 365 (M365) tools are a direction in the right way to providing the protection you need.

As more businesses move to cloud-based solutions, Office 365 has become essential for productivity and collaboration.

However, with its widespread use comes an increased risk of cyber threats. Securing your Office 365 environment is crucial.

Using a combination of tools like Avanan, Microsoft Purview, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and other Microsoft 365 tools, along with strong policies, provides better  protection. Here’s how you can enhance your Office 365 security by adding in layers of security.

Protect Your Microsoft 365 environment with Avanan

Stop Cyber Threats:
Avanan works with Office 365 to find and stop cyber threats like phishing emails, malware, and ransomware before they can harm your business. In addition to this it leverages DLP policies, adds an additional layer of malware filtering for One Drive, SharePoint and Teams and also looks at your supply chain interactions from end to end.

Keep Emails Safe:
Emails are a common way for hackers to attack. Avanan protects your emails from phishing, spam, and malware, keeping your business safe from data breaches.

Monitor User Activity:
Avanan tracks user behavior to spot unusual activities that might mean an account is compromised. This helps prevent unauthorized access and data leaks.

Strengthen Security with Policies

Prevent Data Loss (DLP):
DLP policies help stop sensitive information from being shared by mistake or on purpose. These policies ensure your business complies with regulations and protects confidential data.

Control Access:
Access control policies limit who can see and use specific data and apps in Office 365. This ensures employees only access what they need for their roles, reducing the risk of unauthorised access.

Add Extra Security with MFA:
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds an extra layer of security to Office 365 accounts. Even if someone steals login details, it’s more difficult for hackers to access the account without the second authentication step.

Use Microsoft 365 Tools

Microsoft Defender:
This tool protects against advanced threats like phishing attacks and malware. It provides real-time threat information and automatic responses to risks. Defender is tightly integrated into the M365 stack.

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD):
Azure AD improves identity and access management for Office 365. It ensures secure access based on user location and device state.

Microsoft Purview:
Purview helps you manage and protect sensitive information. It ensures your business meets compliance requirements and keeps data safe.

Security and Compliance Center:
This is a central place to manage and monitor your security and compliance. You can set up alerts, review logs, and manage compliance requirements here.

There are also other tools on the M365 and Azure platforms that can be leveraged.

Enhance Collaboration Safely

Secure Collaboration Tools:
Office 365 includes collaboration tools like Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive. By using security policies and tools like Avanan, Purview, and DLP, you can keep these platforms secure while enabling easy collaboration.

Regular Security Training:
Train employees on security best practices for using Office 365. Regular training and phishing simulations help reduce the risk of human error leading to security issues.

The Wrap Up

Securing your Office 365 environment requires more than just basic measures. A layered security approach with tools like Avanan, strong policies, Microsoft Purview, DLP, and other Microsoft 365 features provides better protection against various cyber threats. Strengthening your Office 365 security keeps your business safe and ensures smooth operations.

To ensure your Office 365 environment is protected, contact us today. Our team of experts at SimpleShift Digital is ready to help you implement a robust security strategy.

Reach out today if you need more information or assistance.

by Scott Malpass

Scott is an outgoing entrepreneur with a passion for making a difference. He is the owner and CEO of two companies - Aquafruit Media and Simple Shift digital. He currently consults with The Australian Government in technical/business roles and has been active in the I.T. industry for more than 20 years. His approach to problem-solving is often outside of the box but backed up with sound industry practice and an outstanding work ethic. His motto is simple. "Life is short- make it count."