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Cloud Migration Services

Dropbox, Office 365, Google drive!
My data is every where!
If this sounds familiar then please call us.
We can consolidate your data into a single platform, saving you time and money.

Dropbox, Office 365, Google drive! My data is every where!

If this sounds familiar then please call us.

We can consolidate your data into a single platform, saving you time and money.

If you want to save time and money, then you need to consolidate your services and data into a single technology stack.

Consolidation also provides a number of other benefits including risk reduction, simplification and the ability to scale a lot easier.

We have lost count of the number of cloud migration we have done – in the last 12 months alone. But the number of migrations has allowed us to develop an efficient process that is safe, secure and with minimal interruptions to your staff.

Cross-platform knowledge

We have multi-platform experience and knowledge. This allows us to be more efficient in our processes and reduce the risk of the migrations undertaken.

Experienced technicians

We have an experienced team that has more then 20 years of experience in cloud tech, cloud migrations, enterprise solutions and security.

This allows us to undertake migrations and cloud solutions with complete confidence and security.

We are on top of the latest cloud technology and cloud platforms. Whether we are talking about private cloud, public clouds or hybrid clouds.


We use cloud native tools and solutions that put security first, functions second and look and feel last. In other words, they work well, are safe, secure, robust and every migration comes with detailed reports of what and when your data was migrated from A to B.

Advantages of cloud migration

Cost reduction and savings

There are multiple economies of scale within a single cloud, and if you already paying for data storage and services on one Technology stack (like Office 365), why are you paying for the same thing on a second technology stack (like google or Dropbox)?

Resource Optimisation

Cloud resources are flexible and cost-effective. You deploy, decrease and increase resources according to your needs from a single stack. One technology stack, one invoice, one solution.

Greater security

Data backup available in cloud services guarantee the continuity of your business and its performance due to the native redundancy and security protocol that are in place.


  • What systems and applications can migrate to the cloud?
    • Virtually most of the systems and applications used in a company can be migrated to the cloud, partially or completely. In this sense, it is very important that the company has a clear path to follow.
  • What should be taken into account before migrating to the cloud?
    • It is just as important to know the technical requirements as it is the business and strategic goals of the company. In this way, it is much easier to plan the migration, decide where the workloads will be located, etc.
  • What is the cloud migration process like?
    • Simple, non invasive and almost no downtime.
    • For a migration to be carried out successfully, it is essential to carry out a prior audit. Our technicians will analyse how data is currently stored and structured in your business. With this information, they will design a migration plan consolidate.
  • Where do you offer your services?
    • All over Australia, the USA and the UK.

by Scott Malpass

Scott is an outgoing entrepreneur with a passion for making a difference. He is the owner and CEO of two companies - Aquafruit Media and Simple Shift digital. He currently consults with The Australian Government in technical/business roles and has been active in the I.T. industry for more than 20 years. His approach to problem-solving is often outside of the box but backed up with sound industry practice and an outstanding work ethic. His motto is simple. "Life is short- make it count."